Wedding Day Vendor Etiquette: Feeding & Tipping 

Your vendors are key to making your day run smoothly. Whether it's taking those timeless wedding pictures or providing that immaculate cake, they are a central and critical part of your day. For every couple, here are some tips on working with your wedding vendors - including who you should feed and who should be tipped. Many couples and planners often forget minor details that could end up having your photographer miss your first dance just because they weren't fed at the appropriate time. I always discuss this with my couples to ensure I am present for key moments.

Which vendors do you need to feed?

Many vendors will specify this within their contract, but keeping them fed is incredibly important. You absolutely must feed your wedding planner, photographer, videographer, DJ and/or band, and any of their assistants. You won't need to feed your florist or baker - or anyone only working during your wedding ceremony.

Talk to your caterer, but most times your vendors will have the same food that your guests enjoy. Make sure to include vendor meals in your final guest count to the caterer and ask your vendors if they need any special meals or have any allergies. Vendors are also your guests and should be treated that way.

Do I need to tip my vendors?

Absolutely! If you loved their service, then a tip always shows a vendor they not only provided the service but went above and beyond. Don't forget to include their staff or assistants. Make sure to check contracts, as some may include a gratuity, but generally vendors such as photographers will not include that so it is up to your discretion. Tipping although never required is appreciated. You can tip at the end of the night or send cash or check with a thank you card after the wedding. A final invoice may also include the option to tip your vendor.

My general rule for tipping is if a vendor made you want to sing their praises, and you were impressed with their service, go the extra mile and provide a tip. After all, it takes an army on a wedding day and they are a part of contributing to making your day unforgettable!