(If you’ve arrived here that means you’re engaged! Congratulations!)

You’ve picked up your wedding bands, your wedding cake has been set up for delivery, and your marriage license has arrived. Now you’re asking yourself, “What am I forgetting?” 

Even though you’ve planned for everything on your wedding list, there are sure to be a few things you might not think of unless you’ve been married before. 

Here are the top 7 wedding day tips you didn’t think of from a real newlywed bride. I know you’ll thank me later!

1.Take some time first thing in the morning by yourself. 

If you’re anything like me your day will begin as the sun rises- starting off with hair and makeup. Once your day begins it dominos into one thing after another (trying to keep to on time with your schedule) with little time remaining before you finally head down the aisle. Before you know it you’ll be rushing to find your vows and leave for the venue, where your guests await your arrival. Wake up early to focus on the special day ahead and if coffee is your thing, sit quietly by yourself sipping on your favorite brew enjoying the final moments alone.  

2.Let your maid of honor/best man manage the last minute crises that come up. 

No matter how much you plan, things will come up that will stress you out or throw your getting ready schedule off. Maybe you forgot to buy safety pins or your makeup artist is taking longer than was scheduled into that perfect time chart of yours – but no matter what comes up, delegate. Let go of control and allow your friends and family to take on the stress and remain in your blissful state. After all, this is the happiest day of your life (trust me, it is going to be full of more happiness than even you could imagine).  

3.Have a no phone policy with your guests (Unplugged wedding). 

In today’s technology age it is easy to forget to enjoy the moment with your eyes rather than viewing it through your phone. Ask your guests to put away their phones, keeping them on silent and to leave their tablets and huge cameras at home. You wouldn’t want someone with their tablet in the middle of the aisle ruining that perfect shot. Allow the photographer to capture all those special moments and I guarantee you’ll be happy you did.  

4.Make sure your guests have enough petals to throw when you walk down the aisle. 

It may seem like something small, but once you’ve been pronounced husband and wife and walk down the aisle, seeing those petals float through the air adds to the magic of the moment. It makes your guests feel a part of your beautiful ceremony and you’ll end up with some gorgeous shots from the photographer. The trick is ensuring everyone has enough petals to throw and your photographer will know what to do to capture the perfect photo. 

5.Remember to be present in each moment.

Weddings although one of the happiest occasions of anyone’s life, carry with it a certain amount of chaos. No matter if you decide to have a small intimate backyard wedding or a grand wedding with over 200 guests, it can feel like a rush of moments stringed together. Savor your time getting ready and having people hover around you making sure you’re staying hydrated – allow yourself to absorb each and every special part of the day. Take a minute to breathe, glance over at your new life partner and feel those butterflies. If you aren’t mindful, it is easy to get consumed by the whirlwind. This day is about the two of you. Remember why you’re here. 

6.Don’t forget to eat.  

It might sound silly but you will get swept up by all the guests and doing the rounds, greeting and socializing with all your friends and family. Many brides often forget to eat until the reception and don’t forget how much time you spent agonizing over the perfect menu. The food isn’t just about satisfying your guests, this is about enjoying each and every bite together and looking at each other and stating “Wow, this is so good!”. If it is a simple buffet style meal, make sure you fix a plate for each other and take that time to look fondly at each other, give kisses between bites and enjoy the meal. 

7.Focus on each other. 

You’re married! Whether you’ve been planning your wedding for months or years, you’ve been waiting for this day. Get lost in each other when you’re reading your vows, hold hands, and give a gentle squeeze of their arm at any moment, reminding your partner you are by their side. Enjoy your guests but cater to each other’s needs. There will be nothing like this day. This is your day to celebrate the love you have for each other.


Bindi Singh Correa